Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reminder To You And Me

I have friends both near and far going nuts over the health reform debate. It's a serious topic, so I understand why....Over the years, I've learned on these kinds of sensitive topics to try and not debate until both parties have researched....but even then when the research is cnn or fox only, it gets kinda funny and sad debating. This is a reminder to me and to my friends as I did during the elections back in 08...Check your facts before you speak with such passion and your ready to call the other person an idiot. This stuff is splitting friendships and even families......

Let's also remember Jesus has called us to love one another. Speak truth, but make sure it's truth before your willing to die on a hill for it. 

Hear my heart. Both conservatives and liberals are literally nuts right now. This is a pursuit of gathering the best information possible and then forming a passionate response, not the other way around.

Below is a post from the AARP, debunking many rumors about the actual reform trying to be passed and below that are some non-partisan websites that pursue the accurate story debunking both Republicans and Democrats...

grace and peace,

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