Tuesday, September 15, 2009

15 down, 75 to go

I am at day 15 of our 90 day spending fast. So what has it been like so far? For me, it has been quite a challenge. I had a friend ask me the first weekend, if I have always enjoyed spending money and if I have always found pleasure in it? The question caught me completely off guard because I am so FRUGAL!!! I have used that word to describe myself so many times in my life. So her next questions was, when did it change for you? I am so glad God used her to ask me that question because I dont know if I would have realized there had been a drastic change, I started enjoying spending money and going out and buying useful stuff two to three times a week.....WHEN I BECAME A STAY-AT-HOME-MOM. I think it is because I am bored. So I decide to take the kids to the mall or run an errand at Target, or go grab lunch just to get out of the house. These first two weeks have been very introspective for me.

Not being able to get lunch when I am bored
Staying away from Target
My brothers birthday was last week, so I made him cookies instead of buying a gift

New Things:
I went to the Library and got a Library card. I can now read new books without having to buy them at the bookstore. I am also going to go and check out free children's activities they have to offer.


Amanda said...

Way to be creative in this spending adventure!

Joy B. said...

I think the zoo is FREE on Wednesdays in September... check it out!

The Abbiatti Family said...

You guys are studs and yes, Adrienne I saw that tren when I started staying at home! I think we just crave something social! Check out the culture pass at the librabry too, you can do a number of museums for free that I'm sure Ryland will love! Good luck!

Megs1220 said...

Adrienne - we've been on a budget and watching our spending for a while now due to my husband's student loans. It's definitely been eye opening...

I too check out books at the library and it's great... I get to read more and it doesn't cost anything... I even realized that they have cookbooks there so that I can check out new recipes as well.

The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

love what you are learning- convicting to me, for sure. excited to hear about it as your journey progresses! glad we celebrated pizzeria bianco when we did =)

Annette Pachl Haldiman said...

I happened on to your blog and fell in love with your family's approach to life. What a wonderful lesson to learn about life by not spending money.
Your pictures are absolutely beautiful also.