Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby Shower

Last weekend I had the most AMAZING baby shower. Now, people had told me that opening presents for a little girl would be way better than for a little boy and I just didnt believe them! But oh were they right!!! All the pink was amazing. I had so many friends stop by and my close friends and family that threw it...they did such an amazing job! I felt very special that day. And it was nice to do it "the right way" this shower and then deliver the baby :-)

The Belly bump at 30 weeks

Opening presents

The best part of the mom gave me a box of baby clothes that she had saved that were mine when i was oh so face does not do the picture justice, I LOVE THE CLOTHES and cannot wait for my little girl to wear them :-)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pregnancy Again

The following is a post that I had on my original blog. It was posted Thursday, August 16, 2007 and Ryland was born August 21st.....only five days later, hard to believe.
This pregnancy has been so different from the get-go. Morning sickness, smaller weight gain, less headaches, no swelling at this point. I am 29 weeks and really trying to not get nervous. I pray about this everyday and it continues to be so hard to let go. I am excited for what the next few weeks bring and hopefully see what going 40 weeks is like :-)


Being pregnant is scary. It's funny that you never think about that when you are trying to get pregnant. I have been to the hospital twice this week. I went in Tuesday at 1am because of a horrible headache. They tell you that if anything is above and beyond normal, call the doctor. So while I was there, the headache was no big deal but the contractions I was having were. Unfortunately, I could not feel the contractions. Tuesday, I decided to go to work and got a call from my doctor and was told to go back to the hospital so they could monitor the contractions that I was not feeling. Things seem ok and they are a little worried about my blood pressure and hypertension problems. Its just scary that this was all happening and I didnt even know it and would not have known it had it not been for the very unimportant headache I was having.
Ultimately, the hard part is not being in control. I have very little control on what is happening inside me. I can control what I eat, working out, taking it easy, taking vitamins and that's about it! Everything else, God is doing inside of me. There is nothing I can do beyond that. I am seeing the doctor again today and I am a little worried about bed rest. It is hard to not stress when all I do is listen to people's stressors. So we'll see :-)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Current Inspiration On My Ipod

Kings of Leon  Only By The Night
The Fray  The Fray (Sophomore release)
Jon Foreman  Spring and Summer EP
Elida Young  2009 demos
Across The Universe  Soundtrack  (Beatles Tribute Movie)
Sufjan Stevens  Illinoise
Thom Yorke  The Eraser
Glen and Marketa  Once Soundtrack
Anneliese  Untitled EP
Radiohead  In Rainbows

Friday, February 6, 2009

Jaime Mulhern

I have a friend and her name is Jaime. She drives a vespa and is married to a great guy named David. Jaime loves people. She's an artist and I like that. She strives to be a person who cares and honors ALL people in every walk of life. She's an inspiring person. Ok, that's it. Just wanted people in my life who don't know Jaime to get to know her a little. 

You can go here for her site.

grace and peace,