Tuesday, September 20, 2011

talky talky talky talky talk.......

I never realized that once you get a child to talk.....you then have to also start working on getting them to stop. Ryland, my child who decided to not talk for awhile, by far makes the most noise in the house. And this noise is his constant talking about what he sees and what he thinks and all the questions he has along the way. The boy has so much to share and wants to always be the center of attention, talking to everyone.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


What I love so far about downsizing our living situation and losing almost 1000 square feet.....
1. It feels more like our home
2. It is so stinkin cute
3. It is an old house and has so much character
4. The kids rooms are right next to our room
5. Less space to clean
6. Creativity in storage
7. Purging all of the stuff (crap) we do not really need
8. Still close to our church community
9. Time to redecorate but not feeling overwhelmed because of all the open space
10. It saves us a ton of money each month that we can save or spend on family fun times or myself :)