Friday, May 28, 2010

Mommy Is Out Of Town

My beautiful bride, Adrienne went this week to see her little brother dive in the new show, Blue Horizons at Sea World in San Diego. So, while she was gone for 2 days, the kids and I had a chance to have some fun just the 3 of us. Below are a couple of videos of us this week. Thursday, we went to our favorite place for breakfast, LGO in Phoenix, and then went to Kachina park near by and ran around...I love being a dad, and I love the chance to bless my wife with time away...Husbands, love your wives in this way. Get her some time away. They need to have some freedom to rest and be themselves and your kids need real time to be with their daddies.

The videos are from my phone, so the quality is rough, but listen closely for Ryland in the bath when he says "mommy is on the boat." One of my all time favorite moments considering I told him mommy would be riding in pappa and grammy's boat in San Diego.

grace and peace,

Monday, May 10, 2010


I was reading today and came across a beautiful phrase from Thomas a' Kempis, a 14th century catholic monk. He wrote a book called "The Imitation of Christ".

He said this:

"It is great wisdom to keep silent when damaging words are spoken to you. Turn your attention and don't worry about rumor or slander. Don't look for support from the mouths of others. You are who you are regardless of what they say. And you shall know much peace if you neither try to please them or care if you displease them."

This really reminded me of a phrase I always have running around in my head..."Character is way more important than reputation". People, even family sometimes say the most hurtful things and sometimes it's literally not true....but at the end of the day, my family, that is Adrienne and I are living for Jesus Christ, the true Messiah and He knows. He knows the truth and if I'm living for Him and His kingdom, than my significance, character, worth, and the Truth is TOTALLY found in Him.

God, you are so faithful, so true, and I can't believe you loved me enough to save me.

grace and peace,