Sunday, January 17, 2010


I've been gone for a while...I don't think I've blogged in a few months. Not much new other than God's grace every morning.....below is my attempt at an update or random facts from the last few months.

-praying for and giving to Haiti
-listening to William Fitzsimmons pretty much non stop (for the last year)
-love Adrienne more today than last time I blogged
-love my kids ALOT
-the church is the only institution God promises to bless
-Jesus and His church are sure things, and that's about it
-reading is my 3rd favorite thing
-I don't day dream about moving to another city any more
-the church has to BE the mission of God
-when not listening to William Fitzsimmons, I'm listening to other sad folk music
-I love pizza ALOT (not as much as my kids, but ALOT)
-I'm wiser today at 30 than I was at 29 and pretty sure this pattern will continue
-God freaking loves me and He freaking loves you, so talk to Him
-beer is proof God loves us. :)
-I like music
-I have fallen in love all over again with reading the scriptures.
-I miss my brother
-I miss my sister
-I miss my mom
-I miss my dad (Sept 13th, 1999)
-even though I don't day dream about moving anymore, I still think about New York ALOT
-I've learned that character is way more important than reputation
-even my closest friends and I have a hard time getting together on a regular basis, which is sad
-I want to be a good dad. somedays I am, and somedays I'm not

well, that's it for now. I know those thoughts were random, but it was good for me to get them out.

grace and peace,