Wednesday, December 9, 2009


What Ryland and I do every week now :-)
I shared earlier that Ryland was assessed after his second birthday because he was not speaking very much. It was determined that he had a severe speech and social delay. The speech made sense and I was not shocked to hear because my two year old said about 8 to 10 words and not very consistently.
Every week Ryland, London and I get a visit from Tori, our developmental specialist and Cara our speech therapist. We have had three weeks of appointments now and Ryland has added about 8-10 more words and now says two words together. He started saying "no da" when dad is not around and today he actually said "dump truck." Socially, Ryland has started to interact with me a lot more. There is a lot of smiling and eye contact in our play and we spend much more time in our day playing interactive games together where we both have to be involved. With other children it still takes him awhile to warm up and want to be involved with other children. He is still very content playing by himself which also might be a sign just how our little guy likes to play. He does not ignore the other children like they don't exist. He sees them, smiles at them, sometimes babbles but just loves to do his own thing.
We are also being more consistent with play dates with children closer to his age who can let me know if you want to play!!!