Saturday, January 24, 2009

Close Proximity

Living in Condo's definately has it's ups, like not having to take care of a yard...not being responsible if the roof leaks...not paying a water bill...things like that. Right now I am stuck focusing on all the negatives. Matt and I have been having some issues with some renters that live right across the sidewalk from us. They happen to be related to another family that lives two doors down from us so these two families pretty much live life outside between the two units. They yell at each other, not mad yelling but more like, hey!!!! Is Jake over there? No??? Have you seen him? What do you mean I left the TV on? Ge the idea? We get to listen to their lives. And the most noise tends to happen with them between 5pm and midnight. In the last month we have called the police twice on them, yes I have turned into that person. At 2am I would really rather be asleep than listening to them yell at each other. What gets me the most is that I wonder about these people and how they can live in such a way as to not take into consideration any of the people living around them. Do they think we cannot hear them? Do they think it doesn't bother us? It is a cultural thing? Unfortunately no one else around makes this much noise so they dont have anyone around that they have to listen to. I am just at a loss!


Melissa Stephenson said...

Oh man - I hate that kind of stuff! ARG! We have had a similar situation with our neighbor's dog that has been ongoing for almost 2 years. Sometimes I think, "if only I didn't love Jesus" and proceed evil plans of what I would do to that dog...

Hang in there you guys! =) If it helps, I did get a good laugh at what you wrote... =)

Joel Mayward said...

Option A) Sucker punch your neighbors in the throats.

Option B) Find Jake, as he seems to be missing.

Option C) Be the awesome Gibsons you are and love 'em the best you can. :) You rock, even if your neighbors don't.

Matt Gibson said...


I found Jake and then proceeded to go with option A and then I felt bad, cause I realized I wasn't angry at Jake, but myself (after school special music begins to play in the background)

you see Joel, punching Jake in the throat won't make me love myself anymore...and there is a little hurt boy inside and he.........

wow. this could go on for forever.

the end.