Thursday, November 25, 2010

Health Update

I was in a car accident September 15th at 7:30pm. I was charged with running a red light, I was hit by cross traffic traveling at about 45 to 50mph....end of story for about a week. I decided to see my PCP because I was really unsettled about the fact that my memory of the incident ends about 30 seconds before I reached the intersection and then I have bits and flashes of getting my phone and knowing I needed to call people, to getting on a stretcher, then my memory picks right back up when I was in the ambulance. Doctor did not like the sound of it since there was one eye witness who claimed I did not just proceed through the intersection, this man wrote that I came to a stop and then slowly rolled into the intersection. Was referred to a neurologist. Neurologist stated that he believed I lost consciousness before the accident so tests were suggested. So far I have had a CT, an MRI and an EEG. CT and MRI looked great! EEG had some abnormalities and it looks like a seizure is a possibility. My neurologist asked if I would be willing to see an epileptic specialist before deciding to go on anti-seizure medication. I agreed very willingly. I am not that interested in taking a medication that I might not actually need. So that is where we are. There are only a few epileptic specialists in the valley so I am now on a waiting list that might take a few months. Oh....and I have to see a cardiologist to also make sure my heart is in tip top shape as well.
Prayer is my stronghold. I would like to know why I did something that does not fit anything about me. But I also worry about getting answers of course. I have been told that if it is determined that it was a seizure, my license will be suspended for 90 days while I start medication. That will be a huge upset for the Gibson family to deal with but of course in the long run very manageable.
Prayer is my stronghold. God is my refuge.


Tirsa Baker said...

Praying for you Adrienne!

Ordinary Radical said...

sorry 80. I know how to pray for you and your family now.