Monday, April 26, 2010

Time for Surgery

I am actually quite relieved.

The ups and downs of a child not feeling well and the helplessness feeling that goes a long with it. We were first referred to Az Early Intervention because I brought Ryland to the Dr because he was not sleeping well...always had a runny nose and deep lung cough and somewhat hallucinating because of lack of good sleep. Instead of getting any medical help or advice we were given developmental help and advice. I do appreciate the help because Ryland has come a long way. But the medical stuff was pushed to the side and ignored. It amazes me that we were never advised to take Ryland into a Ear Nose and Throat specialist even though he was diagnosed with a severe speech delay. I finally got Ryland in to see one because London was given a referral and at her appointment I asked if I could make an appointment for my son. When he heard that Ryland had a severe speech delay he wanted to see him asap. After two evals, our ENT Dr. has decided that Ryland has too much pressure in his ears and his adenoids need to be removed and tubes put in his ears. The Dr is not sure if it is causing some of his speech delay but told me today that if Ryland did not have a speech delay he would probably just monitor the pressure to see if it disappeared in a few months. Since there is the delay, he wants to go ahead with surgery as quickly as we can.
Again, I am so relieved. Mothers intuition I guess. My child is now talking and picking up new words every week so why the delay? He has had croup three times this winter. He has had a cough since he was about 18 months and his nose is always runny.
Unfortunately this takes me back to that first Dr appointment where we needed some medical help but were only given developmental advice. It has been a long road but hopefully....hopefully this is the start of the end.

I just pray this eases some of his discomfort and clears things up for him.


The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

WOW. some friend i am, i didn't even know all this was going on. gonna be praying for you guys. love you tons~

Amanda said...

Praying for you and precious Ryland. When is the surgery? My prayer is specifically that this be the beginning to the end! Love you!

The Abbiatti Family said...

Yeah! Hopefully some progress very soon! Hang in there my friend!

Melissa Stephenson said...

Wow.... That is so interesting and I'm glad that you are continuing to move forward and onward with all of this. Glad you were a pushy mama too! =) Keep us posted and we'll be praying for Ry Ry, and you guys too =)