Tuesday, February 9, 2010


It has been up and down lately with Ryland....and I have heard that is just how it is with a two-year old. Speech delay or no speech delay. Interestingly enough we have a really bad week last week. I realized that when we had run out of juice and I was just too tired to drag two kids to the store, I instead gave him very watered down Kool-Aid. He calls it "da's juice" since that is what it is...Daddy's juice. After a few days of the Kool-Aid I realized it might be affecting him. He was terribly clingy and unhappy and very whiney. Both of his therapist commented on the change. They said it reminded them of what he was like before he started therapy, which of course just freaked me out, until I realized the diet change. Kool-Aid has white sugar and it has red food dye. My little guy (and girl actually) are so sensitive to what is in their stomach. The Kool-Aid was stopped on Wednesday and when he woke up on Sunday morning....He was my little guy again.
At least 10 times every day I worry that he will never learn to talk. At least 10 times a day I worry that he will never be in a normal classroom. At least 10 times a day I worry that he has a more severe developmental delay then we realize...and then I pray. I pray, I pray, I pray. I love my little guy. I will love him even if he ends up being labeled. I love him.
Tonight he did the most amazing thing. Matt and I were sitting at the kitchen table and Ryland looked at us and pointed at Matt and said "Dada" and pointed and me and said "ma" then went back to Matt then back to me. He did this 4 or 5 times. He was so proud of himself that he was able to point out who was who and be able to verbally tell us that he knew. Of course, I cried through the whole thing. Again, I love him.


Mommy2five said...

Oh how I want to give you a great big hug right now. Be enouraged though, you are a great mom and how wonderful that God gave you and Matt such an amazing affirmation that you are doing the right things. Here's to another exciting day of discovery!

Amanda said...

know that your prayers are not the only prayers going up for that precious little man. When we saw you guys last week it was like Ryland was a totally different child! He's developing so much and we are so proud of you guys for being such fabulous loving parents!

Love you!

Tirsa Baker said...

So I almost cried reading that last part. Great job Ryland!! We love you too! All he needs is a ton of love and he will do just fine. Keep hanging in there, those weeks are tough but when you look at his little sleeping face the whole day goes away with a sigh of relief that you have such a precious little boy. God is good!

The Abbiatti Family said...

Thanks for sharing my sweet friend! I know the progress seems so slow but it's there and I know he will continue to do great! Worrying is just part of being a mom unfortunately! You guys are awesome and are doing an amazing job! Love you!