Wednesday, October 7, 2009

???? Down and way too many days to go :-)

I have made a few more poor decisions in the last two weeks. First I got sick, then I got both of my kids the last two weeks have been pretty unbearable. I found that to make things easier or to brighten up my day I got some fast food. I think in the last two weeks I grabbed food three times. Oh...and with my "new" dairy allergy, that was added to the mix in the last two weeks. Life has just been hard and I felt like quite a bit had been thrown at me. I am definitely not trying to justify anything, it has just been a few hard weeks :-)
It is strange to me that I keep cheating with food. I have been so tempted to go to the store and go for ANYTHING and yet I resist that. The hardest thing to follow is not adding to our grocery bill. I have to constantly remind myself there is no need to grab food when there is plenty of food at home.


The Abbiatti Family said...

Keep on trucking you guys! I know things have been hard but I'm still proud of the way you guys challenge youselves!Hang in there, not to much farther to go!

Amanda said...

You're rockin' it girl! I'm proud of you!

Megan said...

AD - you can totally do this. Richie and I have been living on the Dave Ramsey plan with cash in envelopes for over a year now... it has really helped us!!! One thing that we do (and you can too once your challenge is over)... is set a budget for entertainment/eating out... our thing is Starbucks or Outback steakhouse so we set aside money for that... if we use it on something else, fine, but if not - we get to use it for that... it helps us a lot!