Thursday, May 7, 2009

London Ellyn Gibson

                 Adrienne meeting London

    Daddy and his baby girl!

    So much love

Ryland and London meeting for the first time

     My Family

London is here. She arrived Tuesday, May 5th at 9:55am. My baby girl was 6lbs 6oz and she was 17 and 3/4 inches in length. Adrienne did end up having a V-BAC (Vaginal Birth After Ceserian) and did incredible. Thank you everybody for your prayers. They were felt. 

grace and peace,


Gail and Steve said...

All of a sudden Ryland looks SO big. I always like to start new chapters. What a wonderful one you have just began. What a beautiful family.

Sean's Ladies said...

YAY!! Can't wait to see her in person

Joy B. said...

Love the photos.

Kristenw3kids said...

Congratulations!!!! So happy for all 4 of you

The Abbiatti Family said...

Yeah! I have been waiting for pics! She is so beautiful! Great job Adrienne!

The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

Way to go woman!! =) glad you got to have your VBAC!! and congrats to the boys too. i am dying to see her.