Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Mission (missio vita)

Below is something I wrote about 6 years ago with my mentor and friend, Ken Curry. Ken and I have a pretty incredible relationship and we gave and give each other freedom to speak truth into each others lives. We actually pursued living the statement below for sometime as Adrienne and I lived in Denver. As I have weeped, prayed, cried out to my Lord the last few weeks for our dear friends CJ and Renee, I have realized, that I have been lacking something in my life for some time. Community.

"Imagine a gathering of sojourning and rescued people on a quest to deepen their love of God and others. They are a family centered on one person, Jesus Christ. They are captivated by the idea that the story is not about them, but all about Jesus. His story has interrupted their lives and they cannot escape His deep love and His hold on their hearts. They are comforters, and forgivers, sowers and reapers, radicals and resolute doing small and extravagant things with great love. They embrace Christ’s mission to live among, to listen to, to love, and to fight for the hearts of people in this turbulent world. They are willing to risk life itself for the freedom of others, so they enter the fray linking arms with anyone who tells the story of Jesus.”


The Abbiatti Family said...

This is beautiful Matt and exactly as it should be!

Megling said...

this is an intense premise for building a community of Christ. And beautiful.
I hope that as you look at your life you begin to gather close those who would stand by your side worshiping Jesus...and tell them what you want from your relationship.
Amen, friend. Amen.

Jeanetta said...

I love it!